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Lavender eye pillow

Lavender eye pillow

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Soothing lavender scent that will help clear your thoughts and ease the tension! Perfect to help ease yourself through a meditation or into restful sleep.

All materials are organic where available.  Cloths for eye pillows are upcycled from new but damaged clothing that has factory imperfections and is thus unsaleable. An earth-conscious, local single mom handmakes these soothing eye pillows with intention with rice and natural essential oils.

These packs are great either warmed for 30 seconds in microwave (be careful to shake pillow and test prior to application to prevent burns!) or chilled in the freezer. So, so soothing!

What's better than knowing you are relaxing in an earth-conscious way?  Knowing that a portion of the profits from the sale of these eco-friendly relaxation wonders goes to help purchase feminine supplies for local homeless and displaced women!  You are not only enviro-friendly BUT socially friendly as well!

Look at you!!!!

+++Because these pillows are made from primarily up cycled materials, we never know what print we will have for you to fall in love with.  Therefore you will receive a randomly selected but way more fun-surprise of a print choice!+++

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