Lotus & Luna 4mm Bracelet
Lotus & Luna 4mm Bracelet
Lotus & Luna 4mm Bracelet
Lotus & Luna 4mm Bracelet
Lotus & Luna 4mm Bracelet

Lotus & Luna 4mm Bracelet

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Lotus and Luna bracelets are handcrafted in Thailand by talented female artisans. Our bracelets are made with cotton cords, coconut shell clasps and lots of positive vibes. Each bracelet has three different size options, so adjust to your perfect fit and snip off any excess cord.

Materials: Coconut Shell Button, and Adjustable 100% Cotton Cord

Length: 6.5" (first closure) - 8.5" (last closure)

Available In:

  • Master Healer Healing Bracelet offers the full spectrum of healing energy stones.  

    Stimulating all seven chakras and magnified by their proximity to each other, these powerful stones bring an all-encompassing feeling of balance and healing to the mind and body. Wear this bracelet with the intention to embrace the earth-born powers and experience benefits such as peace, prosperity, strength, courage, love, and compassion!  

    Colors: Multi-Color  Stones: Jade, Jasper, Amazonite, Quartz, Tiger's Eye, Garnet, Unakite
  • Love + Ambition Bracelet  Ambition (Chakra: Root)  A protective warrior stone, Goldstone assists in attaining goals and is a symbol of ingenuity and drive. It is a grounding stone that reduces tension and revitalizes the wearer.  Love (Chakra: Heart)  The stone of the heart, Rose Quartz dissolves emotional wounds and fears, and allows one to fully give and receive love.  Colors: Clear, Copper, Brown  Stones: Goldstone, Rose Quartz  
  • Self Love  Pearls have long been admired as symbols of beauty, innocence, and faith. Ruled by the tides and cycles of the moon, the energy of pearls enlightens the mind, improves mood, and promotes self-love.  Color: Natural White Stone:Pearl
  • Strength & Healing Bracelet  

    Healing (Chakra: Crown)  Made of pure light, Quartz is considered the master of all healing crystals and amplifies the energies of other stones around it.  Strength (Chakra: Root)  The oldest stone in the world, Lava Stone grounds the wearer, providing strength and courage during times of change. Add a drop of essential oil to 1-3 beads and enjoy the therapeutic benefits it brings. Colors: Gray and Black