Little Teepee Macrame Dreamcatcher
Little Teepee Macrame Dreamcatcher

Little Teepee Macrame Dreamcatcher

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Product Features:

  • To both catch and inspire dreams while adorning your special space.  Size + Measurement: 24" total length by 5" wide

The Story Behind the Art:

Dream Catchers are often referred to as "Sacred Hoops." The original Dream Catcher can be traced back to the Ojibwe Native American tribe where they were originally used as talismans to protect sleeps of all ages from bad dreams. Traditionally shaped as a circle, it is believed the shape represented the circle of life and the travels of the sun and moon across the sky. Woven like a spider web, dream catchers are meant to capture bad dreams during the night and hold them there until the sun of the morning can burn them away. The strands that hang below are traditionally meant to take the good dreams and gently carry them down to the peaceful sleeper. 


About the Maker:

Sustainably Sourced + Artisan Made Goods from Bali, Indonesia. We partner with local artisans to bring you handcrafted home goods made from natural materials. Village Thrive is a way to share the depth and richness of this place and its people. Thoughtful consumption is the guiding light as we create and curate products. We work in small batches but can fulfill large orders with the right lead time. We use natural materials for our products such as organic cotton, rattan, bamboo, straw, wood, clay and leather. The quality and craftsmanship of our products are made to last a lifetime. Our top sellers include our sarong "tapestries" and our signature kimonos. We are also able to create custom products for your brand/store. Enjoy!

Available in White and Gray